Death’s Game – Overview

I wrote this manuscript a couple years back and haven’t looked at it since 2019. It’s an urban fantasy novel about death and revival partially inspired by whatever roguelike video game I was playing at the time. It centers on one Victoria Simone, a world-class cat burglar caught with her hand in the cookie jar and thrust into a war between immortals.

It’s written in first-person present tense, so instead of ‘”Who the fuck are you?” she wondered aloud’ it’s ‘”Who the fuck are you?” I wonder aloud’. I made this call as I wrote the first chapter and originally intended for it to stay in that one chapter, but I liked how it flowed when I read it so I decided to do it throughout. Because of the nature of the story, it works well here, but might be off-putting for an unfamiliar reader at first.

My planning and writing processes have evolved plenty since writing this. On Death’s Game I planned for a week or so before writing the first chapter. For my current project it was a full three months of work before a single keystroke in the manuscript. I remember being stressed out over how this one would end and if it all made sense. I think it will, but this will be a fun discovery for both you, the reader, and me, the writer, who vaguely remembers what is coming at every turn but hasn’t thought about it for so long.

I think that’s enough for the overview. I hope you enjoy it!

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