Death’s Game

Death’s Game is an urban fantasy novel focused on death and rebirth. It’s published here serially.

  • Death’s Game – Overview
    I wrote this manuscript a couple years back and haven’t looked at it since 2019. It’s an urban fantasy novel about death and revival partially inspired by whatever roguelike video game I was playing at the time. It centers on one Victoria Simone, a world-class cat burglar caught with her hand in the cookie jar […]
  • Death’s Game 1: Victoria Simone
    Let me tell you about the day I died. It’s exactly 12:47 AM. I know because my job requires precision and attention to detail, two qualities that pump through my veins and spill out when I bleed. The plan calls for being here at 12:47, so I’m here at 12:47. The room is completely dark […]
  • Death’s Game 2: Jennifer Wilson
    Sunlight is creeping through my window. I feel its warmth on my face and see it red through my eyelids. I am awake, but I have yet to stir. It’s quiet, serene. The air coming through the window has a sluggish quality, a sleepiness that means the day has yet to start. It’s too early. […]
  • Death’s Game 3: Hayley Henderson
    The deafening roar of the back of a plane greets me when I ‘wake’, if ‘wake’ is the correct term to use when you’re regaining consciousness after your second physical death. My eyes flash open. There are half a dozen people surrounding me, all dressed in colorful jumpsuits, the visors on their helmets pulled back […]
  • Death’s Game 4: Isabel Saito
    A deep gray sky lurks overhead, looming, drizzling but threatening worse at any moment. Morning fog has long settled along the ground and is slowly dissipating as the wind kicks up. The sun is above the horizon, but only just. It casts a dim light to go along with the haze. I’m running on a […]
  • Death’s Game 5: Yvonne Gresham
    Jolted awake by immense pain. I’m out of my bed and onto the ground within my first breath. Jenny! Jenny are you okay? Isabel says. I want to ask the same thing, but my mouth won’t work. Agony. All I can feel. My stomach. My legs. My arms. The muscles are cramped, locked in place, […]
  • Death’s Game 6: Rebecca Taylor
    It’s dark and I can barely see anything, save for the rectangular outline of some sort of metal panel on the wall. The air is cool and motionless, almost suffocating. I’m standing completely still, my breaths the only sounds I can hear. Tools jingle in my belt as I shift uneasily in my stance. Groggy, […]
  • Death’s Game 7: Rebecca Taylor, 2
    Are we there yet? Isabel with a slight tremor in her otherwise mousy voice. We’ve been in the Taylor Electric van for almost an hour and traffic is being its usual self, namely that there are too many cars on the road and every one of us is kicking ourselves for living in a place […]
  • Death’s Game 8: Britney McCray
    I’m flat on my back, eyes closed, body covered in sweat, loud music in my ears. Rebecca’s last moments are playing on my eyelids before I replace them with Donavan’s face, focusing on the teeth, the eyes, the hair, the rest of the little details. He’s still there. I still have him, and that means […]
  • Death’s Game 9: Britney McCray, 2
    It’s a shade after ten when I get to the community gym a few blocks from my parents’ house. Donavan was a morning person. Victoria was not. Whenever he asked her to come watch him play basketball she was too sleepy, too busy, too hungover from the night before to drag herself out of bed. […]
  • Death’s Game 10: Britney McCray, 3
    I’ve been on the bus for a half hour before I reach the stop closest to Deane Turner’s downtown office. From a block away, it looks just about the same as every other skyscraper in the city, including the other one I visited a couple days ago. I loved stealing from people like this, I […]
  • Death’s Game 11: Ally Jones
    My eyes slowly open as the alarm clock goes off. I’m lying in a warm blanket on top of a warm bed, a gentle breeze wafting in from an open window on the other side of what looks to be a meticulously clean bedroom. Whatever this new life is, it can wait a minute. A […]
  • Death’s Game 12: Ally Jones, 2
    I’ve got the woman tied to the chair in the center of the room. She’s growling and so filled with rage that she’s practically spitting with every word she says. “Fuck you, Victoria. I’ll get you for this.” I’m pacing back and forth in front of her, the bat in my hand and the pistol, […]
  • Death’s Game 13: Ally Jones, 3
    Groggy. Ears ringing. About to vomit. Eyes slowly open and then slam shut as soon as the light creeps in. My body is unsteady even though I’m lying down. I’m cold beneath the blanket, like it’s not even there at all, and I’ve already instinctively curled myself into a ball to retain heat. “Great, you’re […]
  • Death’s Game 14: Vivian Bates
    I’m jarred awake by an alarm at six in the morning. It’s still dark and the message on my phone screen says “stretching”. The room is freezing, the bed is soft, and my eyelids are heavy. There’s no way I’m getting up for that. It comes back only five minutes later, and five minutes after […]
  • Death’s Game 15: Vivian Bates, 2
    Vivian’s alarm goes off at six, just like yesterday. My head is ringing and I’m lethargic; the rest of the day after finding Gerard’s former hideout was a blur of small bottles of alcohol and unanswered texts to the Guilty Man. I go back to sleep until my phone buzzes several hours later. It’s a […]
  • Death’s Game 16: Vivian Bates, 3
    Cars are roaring overhead and what little warmth being out of the rain provides is chipped away with every gust of wind. The concrete is cold—has been all night—and my neck is stiff both from the brief fight and laying on such an uninviting surface. I ran away from the bus and hid until I […]
  • Death’s Game 17: Jordan Larson
    I’m lying face-down in the bed of a new woman, restless, wide awake despite the fact that I just woke up, perhaps kept so by the cold torrent of bloody rage flowing through me. “That motherfucker.” I told you he was just using you, Ally mutters. My hand instinctively reaches for the bottle of alcohol […]
  • Death’s Game 18: Jordan Larson, 2
    “Ally, you damn fool!” There’s no time to ruminate. All I can do is run, but that won’t stop me from yelling at myself. “You screwed us all!” I thought they’d let us free, Ally says. Now that I’m mad, I have more control over who’s talking in my head and I push her back […]
  • Death’s Game 19, Jordan Larson 3
    It’s cold and chilly, and every small gust makes me think Catarina or the Cruel Man are right behind me. I should have packed a scarf, both for warmth and to hide my identity. As it is, the hoody I grabbed from Albert’s accomplishes both tasks, though not well enough for me to feel comfortable. […]
  • Death’s Game 20: Maria Sanchez
    “Oh, come on!” I punch the couch before I realize what’s going on. “He was offsides! You blind, you fucking ref?” Head shakes off the cobwebs. Eyes blink away the surprise. It’s early in the morning, about seven. I’m in a living room, watching a soccer game, clad in a Real Madrid jersey. Soccer match, […]
  • Death’s Game 21: Maria Sanchez, 2
    The warehouse looms in the center of what used to be an industrial park, surrounded by several other rundown and ready-to-fall-over buildings. The roads are filled with potholes and random stretches of gravel or dirt interspersed within what remains of the beaten-down pavement. Every time someone drives through, which is surprisingly frequent considering the state […]
  • Death’s Game 22: Maria Sanchez, 3
    I’m silent now as I ever was, running through the bushes and overgrown grass the chain-link fence that wraps around Gerard’s warehouse. A little trick I learned early on was to individually wrap my equipment in small towels to dampen the sound of metal clinking together. The setup and teardown are longer, and your bag […]
  • Death’s Game 23: Maria Sanchez, 4
    The stairs behind me are shrouded in darkness, but I can feel the chain of an overhead light dangling in front of my face. My chest is tight. My breaths are quick and barely effective. The wink. The wink. The wink. It’s all I can think of as I descend the steps. Even now, as […]