Little Nightmares

Humorous, everyday horror stories.

  • Master
    <Continued from Cut Off The Head A tremor shot through Charlie’s body, like he was finally more tentacle than man. His limbs were rubbery and misshapen, his head oblong, his neck stretched so thin Ameka could see the tentacles coming up through it before they left his mouth. She pulled the trigger. One more junker […]
  • Cut Off The Head
    <Continued from The Lab Continue to Master> Charlie just managed to dodge the tentacle as it swept through two of the junkers nearby, and then stumbled and fell over one of the upturned benches. He vomited in his new hiding place a few moments later, but then realized his hiding place was not hidden nor […]
  • The Lab
    <Continued from He Knew What He Was Getting Himself Into Continue to Cut Off The Head> Ameka’s back was cramping from the tension. More than once she had to wipe her sweaty palms off on her pants. Her breaths were slow and forced so that she’d remain calm. If it were loud or threatening, she’d […]
  • He Knew What He Was Getting Himself Into
    Federico Rizzarelli // Unsplash <Continued from Deck Three Continue to The Lab> Charlie stumbled away shrieking for his life. The tentacle swept at his feet, then the gunfire rained down on him. Rain. If he were ever so lucky as to see rain again, he’d tilt his head back and cry. Green blood and rubbery […]
  • Deck Three
    Photo by Antonia Lombardi // Unsplash <Continued from Blackmail Still clean. Spotless. Unsettling. Ameka’s grip tightened on her gun. The lights flickered every so often. Industrial ticking down the hall. Minor damage—a broken console, dents in the walls, shattered glass underneath a broken lamp—but no signs of life, live or dead, other than her and […]
  • Blackmail
    <Continued from Navigation Continue to Deck Three> Charlie couldn’t believe what he was hearing, and every few moments he was fighting back the urge to vomit. “Then it’s settled,” Jamal, the leader of the junkers, said. “We’re going deeper.” Charlie fought off a groan from the sudden turning of his stomach. He’d never felt right […]
  • Navigation
    Photo by Brian Goff // Unsplash <Continued from Infirmary Continue to Blackmail> “Look at this.” Bernhardt was still standing over the captain’s desk, the corpse swinging gently in the chair behind him. “Now that power’s back on I can get into his logs.” Ameka put the book she’d taken from the captain’s shelf back and […]
  • Infirmary
    Photo by Jonas Friese // Unsplash <Continued from Captain’s Quarters Continue to Navigation> “Dammit, someone help me!” Charlie’s throat was starting to taste like iron and the gag of every junker he passed reignited his urge to vomit. “Richard need’s medical attention!” “Richard’s dead.” Charlie snapped to the voice and then back down to Richard. […]
  • Captain’s Quarters
    Screams and gunfire down the corridor. Ameka looked up toward the door from the treasure trove of personal effects that once belonged to the now-rotting captain. Charlie was dragging something toward them from down the hallway. Something near as big as him, and he was distraught.
  • Just Let It Go
    Supplimentics Inc. – June 14 – Marketing Meeting – Subject: Diur-All 11:09 and still a few minutes away. Ben had been struggling just making meetings the last few weeks and he could tell people were starting to take notice. He didn’t exactly grow up wanting to sell pharmaceuticals, and his heart just wasn’t in it […]
  • Descent
    Day 3 Three days since the explosion. Three days since the killing started. No one’s brave enough to go below deck five, so no one knows what the body count really is or even what kind of damage we’re looking at. If we were lucky, it’d just be a hole in the side of the […]
  • Four Kids and a Dog
    “I always hated costume parties.” Nothing but dead air around me, but I whisper it aloud because I get the feeling it might be one of the last things I ever say. Footsteps in the hallway. Yelling. Barking. Coming toward me. “He’s this way, Gang!” one of them yells, that football jock in a white […]
  • Room 208
    “All right, class, open up to page 445. Today we start my favorite unit, The Renaissance!” Soon, every desk is covered by a fat textbook about ten pounds too heavy for a fifth grader. The teacher’s pets in the front row look at me expectantly, wanting nothing but my approval and ready to ace every […]
  • An Old Friend
    Brian was bored at work when he got the call. He otherwise wouldn’t have answered, but his phone was already in his hand and the only pressing things on his plate were a page on IGN that wouldn’t read itself and some spreadsheet he had to get a vague understanding of before he could get […]