Photo by Brian Goff // Unsplash <Continued from Infirmary Continue to Blackmail> “Look at this.” Bernhardt was still standing over the captain’s desk, the corpse swinging gently in the chair behind him. “Now that power’s back on I can get into his logs.” Ameka put the book she’d taken from the captain’s shelf back and […]


Photo by Jonas Friese // Unsplash <Continued from Captain’s Quarters Continue to Navigation> “Dammit, someone help me!” Charlie’s throat was starting to taste like iron and the gag of every junker he passed reignited his urge to vomit. “Richard need’s medical attention!” “Richard’s dead.” Charlie snapped to the voice and then back down to Richard. […]


Day 3 Three days since the explosion. Three days since the killing started. No one’s brave enough to go below deck five, so no one knows what the body count really is or even what kind of damage we’re looking at. If we were lucky, it’d just be a hole in the side of the […]