Death’s Game 14: Vivian Bates

I’m jarred awake by an alarm at six in the morning. It’s still dark and the message on my phone screen says “stretching”. The room is freezing, the bed is soft, and my eyelids are heavy. There’s no way I’m getting up for that. It comes back only five minutes later, and five minutes after […]

Death’s Game 13: Ally Jones, 3

Groggy. Ears ringing. About to vomit. Eyes slowly open and then slam shut as soon as the light creeps in. My body is unsteady even though I’m lying down. I’m cold beneath the blanket, like it’s not even there at all, and I’ve already instinctively curled myself into a ball to retain heat. “Great, you’re […]

Death’s Game 8: Britney McCray

I’m flat on my back, eyes closed, body covered in sweat, loud music in my ears. Rebecca’s last moments are playing on my eyelids before I replace them with Donavan’s face, focusing on the teeth, the eyes, the hair, the rest of the little details. He’s still there. I still have him, and that means […]

Death’s Game 6: Rebecca Taylor

It’s dark and I can barely see anything, save for the rectangular outline of some sort of metal panel on the wall. The air is cool and motionless, almost suffocating. I’m standing completely still, my breaths the only sounds I can hear. Tools jingle in my belt as I shift uneasily in my stance. Groggy, […]