Death’s Game 4: Isabel Saito

A deep gray sky lurks overhead, looming, drizzling but threatening worse at any moment. Morning fog has long settled along the ground and is slowly dissipating as the wind kicks up. The sun is above the horizon, but only just. It casts a dim light to go along with the haze. I’m running on a […]

Death’s Game 3: Hayley Henderson

The deafening roar of the back of a plane greets me when I ‘wake’, if ‘wake’ is the correct term to use when you’re regaining consciousness after your second physical death. My eyes flash open. There are half a dozen people surrounding me, all dressed in colorful jumpsuits, the visors on their helmets pulled back […]

Death’s Game 2: Jennifer Wilson

Sunlight is creeping through my window. I feel its warmth on my face and see it red through my eyelids. I am awake, but I have yet to stir. It’s quiet, serene. The air coming through the window has a sluggish quality, a sleepiness that means the day has yet to start. It’s too early. […]

Death’s Game 1: Victoria Simone

Let me tell you about the day I died. It’s exactly 12:47 AM. I know because my job requires precision and attention to detail, two qualities that pump through my veins and spill out when I bleed. The plan calls for being here at 12:47, so I’m here at 12:47. The room is completely dark […]

Death’s Game – Overview

I wrote this manuscript a couple years back and haven’t looked at it since 2019. It’s an urban fantasy novel about death and revival partially inspired by whatever roguelike video game I was playing at the time. It centers on one Victoria Simone, a world-class cat burglar caught with her hand in the cookie jar […]