Robert JL Phibbs is an engineer from the Pacific Northwest who writes fiction in his spare time. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy, particularly when viewed through a dark and horror-tinged lens. Follow here to subject yourself to his work, which most often reflects themes of isolation, free will, death, rebirth, and redemption.

Born in the early morning hours of what was no-doubt a hot summer’s day in 1991, Robert is naturally afraid of the sun and has often described his easily burned skin as his strongest talent. As a result, you can typically find him inside with a novel, controller, or remote. On the off-chance you find him outside, he is most likely on a field with a ball in his hands, jogging up a hill, or on a mountain with the love of his life. He realizes the pretentiousness of this paragraph, but biographies are always difficult to write.

This website will focus primarily on his works of fiction, but Robert reserves the right to discuss things in the real world, since, try as we might, we cannot always escape the horrors of everyday life.

For Little Nightmares, go here.

For Death’s Game, go here.

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Robert took a trip to Europe in late 2018 and then put off possible plans for 2019 because he figured he could always do them in 2020.